About the House

A little information about the new house, the buildings and the agreement we made with the foundation.

How does it work?

A bit about the five guidelines, direct democracy and other things that make our house work.

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Road directions, map and bus connections.


A little history about where we came from... Jagtvej 69

The 5 Ground Rules

No racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, violence or hard drugs. See more about why.


Contact information to different groups in the house.

About the House

The two buildingsnyt-design-sort

On the 11th of June 2008, it was decided in ther city council to let us take over two buildings in the North western area of the city. 1st of July we started moving in...

The house and area The two buildings used to be a part of a communal social centre that we are now sharing ground with.

It's situated between Dortheavej and Rentemestervej in the North-western part of Copenhagen, approx. 2,8 km from Jagtvej 69. 

The house consists of two buildings. We got the first on July 1st, "The annex" which is the smaller of the two with 600 m2. The second was given to us on January 1st 2009. The total of the two buildings is 2000 m2 which is the same area we used to have in Ungdomshuset at Jagtvej 69.


The ground floor of the annex is the venue and bar "Dödsmaskinen" which holds about 200 people.
The 1st floor is the home of our book café, big kitchen and the room they share to have film screenings, debates and other arrangements.

2nd floor is dedicated to training and other active activities such as yoga and dancing. Bigger meetings are also held in this room. 

The ground + 1st floor of the main building is the house' big concert space with a nice big balcony and room for about 600 people.

The 2nd floor, the various sized rooms are split up between a dozen creative workshops, different offices & meeting facilities.  

The 3rd floor have a bunch of rehearsal rooms for bands to practice in and in time a studio for recording music in.


The foundation

We have established a solution where the foundation "Jagtvej 69" (which has been established together with the monday meeting. They are good people!) rent the premises from the city council. The rent will be given back in form of a monthly subsidy from the city council so that it all adds up to zero and we in practice don't have to pay rent. Apparently that's the way they have to do it to get around the communal bureaucracy! 

The foundation is going to work as a formal juridical communicator betweek the house and the city council. The relations between the foundation and the city council has been manifested in a series of written agreements.

The relations between the founsdation and the house has also been written down.

Bottom-line: We are still a basic democratic house with only one authority, the house meeting!