torsdag 10.11 - 2011


kl. 20:00 - Entré Donations


In the last weekend of November, the nuclear industry of Europe will run
the last of the hazardous Castor transport of nuclear waste from La Hague
in France to Gorleben in Germany.


For the full life of the transports there have been massive popular
protests and last year saw tens of thousands of people - locals
and internationals alike - trying to undermine the train tracks used by
the Castor train and to block the transport with their bodies.


Last year a bus of activists from Denmark went there to help our
German friends and to show the nuclear industry and Governments of EU
with profits on their mind that nuclear is neither sustainable nor
wanted.. Want to join the protests this year?


A group of activists will hold an info-meeting on Thursday the 10th of
November at Ungdomshuset at 20.00 to organize and mobilize for this
year's protest.


A bus is being organized from Copenhagen to support the local resistance
in Gorleben and have a good weekend of actions. - join us!


The bus will leave either Thursday or Friday the last weekend of
November and return late on Monday or early Tuesday. Fundraising is
underway to make the bus affordable for people. If you know you want to
come on the bus and want to secure a seat, or if you want more
information, write to: