lørdag 12.11 - 2011


kl. 15:00 - Entré Donation

In December 2008 a popular revolt stormed the cities of Greece drawing the attention of the world to the Mediterranean country. Since then Greece has plunged into an unprecedented crisis both socially and economically. Activists from OL and TPTG will launch the book Revolt and crisis in Greece and present analysis and thoughts on the recent general strikes and the Indignitates movement.


About OL and TPTG:


TPTG (Ta Paidia Tis Galarias - 'The children of the gallery') is an anti-authoritarian communist group from Athens who see communism not as a political ideology or dogma, but as a practical necessity stemming from the concrete, daily struggles of the proletariat within and against it. The journal TPTG is puiblished irregularly since 1990 while the collective maintains a webpage providing analysis on the ways that global capitalism is unfolding in Greece.


OL (Occupied London) is an anarchist collective spread between London and Athens. It was publishing irregularly the London-based anarchist journal Occupied London between 2007 and 2009. Since December 2008 the collective maintains the blog From the Greek Streets with almost daily updates from Athens and other cities of Greece. The latest project that the collective has been involved is the book 'Revolt and Crisis in Greece' where TPTG along several other collectives and people have contributed.


For more information, check out the links in the text and Revoltcrisis.org