lørdag 04.12 - 2021

Crisis Mirror concert:

kl. 21:00 - Entré Donation price in the door

Crisis mirror


Crisis mirror is inviting you to a night of live rebetiko music, filled with lilting and fragile odes to heartache, poverty, hash, grief and resistance.

Rebetiko [ɾɛbɛtikɔ, re|be|ti|ko]
Deriving from the turkish root rebet, meaning rebellious or disobedient.

Otherwise known as "Greek blues", rebetiko was born from the crosstalk of Anatolian and Greek musical traditions after Greek refugees fled Asia Minor to Athens and Piraeus in the 1920s. With the gradual integration of refugees into the Greek working class, rebetiko became the music of the immigrants, the marginalized, those persecuted by the state, petty outlaws, hasish users, prostitutes. These were the actors and theme of Rebetiko. This music was the unfiltered expression of the working class, an artistic form helping them cope with their reality and accompaning them through their struggles, passions and despair.

Join us in this night where we follow the road to rebetiko.

The bar will offer wine, tsipouro, mezedes and more.
Part of the earnings of the night will support ungdomshus while the rest will fund the next issue of our magazine. We hope to see you there.

Note: given the new status of the covid situation, please take care of each other, if possible get tested/vaccinated before you come and follow the basic hygiene rules. We require that you show a valid Covid-pass before entering the venue.