lørdag 26.06 - 2021


Punk/rock support-bar for Ungdomshuset

kl. 17:00 - Entré Gratis



► About
Gigs With Attitude is a concept for parties and concerts with emphasis on the political! We will support an anti-fascist cause with each show. There will be donation jars in the bar and the profits from the door and our delicious drinks bar will also go to the people we support.



► Supporting
This time we are supporting our beloved house Ungdomshuset! Corona has been a struggle for the house and it's in need of our support so it can keep existing.



► Music
The music will start at 17.00
- DJ Jack Attack & Isbryderen
- DJ Motherfucking Urth



► Entrance:
Suggested donation: 20kr. Let the people in the door know if you can't afford the entrance, we would rather have you show up than stay at home. Isolation is their weapon, solidarity is our strength.



► Activist theme day: Sustainable militancy:
Before we open for the barnight there will be a workshop about sustainable militancy. The organizers behind the workshop are Konfront, revolutionære antifascister and ABC København. You can read more about the workshop here: https://www.facebook.com/events/844109256190370/?post_id=844116636189632&view=permalink



► Food/People's kitchen
Ungdomshuset's people's kitchen will be serving delicious vegan food around 18.00






► Corona information
The courtyard will be open to everyone, we require you to show a less than 72 hour old negative test, proof of vaccination or previous infection. We will not be storing any data - but need to know that our guests have their things in order if the local authorities show up to do a random check.
There's a testing facility near by Birkedommervej 43, 2400 København - which is free (even for non danish citizens) and will give you a result in 30-60 minuttes.

If you choose to go inside, you will be assigned a table that fits the size of your group. If there are no more available tables, you can get in line to get a table when one becomes available.
It's a seated event, so unfortunately there will be no standing around or dancing. We know this is a bummer but we kindly ask everyone attending, to show consideration for the antifascist community and follow our simple guidelines.



► Accessibility
Ungdomshuset is accessible for people in wheelchairs. There's going to be indoor smoking and loud music.



► Ground rules
No racism, no sexism, no homophobia/hetrosexism, no transphobia, no hard drugs and no violence.