søndag 04.12 - 2022

-Ukraine S-Oi!-lidarity Event-
Bezlad (Ukraine)
Pleasure Squad (Danmark)

kl. 19:00 - Entré Donation



Come show solidarity to the Kharkiv crew coming straight from Ukraine.


19H Community Kitchen.

20H Talk: "Punk, Anarchism and the War in Ukraine" with the band members.

How does the local anti-authoritarian scene organize in a war-torn country.



Locals "Pleasure Squad" come to support.


"Bezlad" Anarchist Oi! from Kharkiv.


Dj Gorilla Far will be at the turntables flipping rudeboi rocksteady records if you still wanna move your feet after being all moshed out.


Proceeds will go to the Ukrainian scene's mutual aid initiatives.


Ungdomshuset's safe space rules apply:

No heterosexism, No racism, No hard drugs.

Cash Only. Donate what you can