fredag 24.02 - 2023

Regarding ambiguity (dk)

kl. 21:00 - Entré 70 dkk

Copenhagen Straight Edge x Ungdomshuset x Sad Songs Bookings present:
4 cool bands + sweet cakes. What do you need more?!


Chaver (heavy hardcore, Germany)

Letterbombs (emoviolence, Finland)

Demersal (Screamo/hardcore, Denmark)

Regarding Ambiguity (Screamo/hardcore, Denmark)



Venue: Ungdomshuset

Date: 24.02.2023

Doors: 20.00 ( Music @ ~21)

Damage for music: suggested donation 70 dkk, pay more if you can!

Cash is king - no plastic, no mobilepay!

Bar will be open!



Tell a punk, tell a friend. Let's make this show great together!
Show is all ages.
Please take care of each other

Remember to respect Ungerens house-rules: No sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence or hard drugs!